Small Batch Freeze Dried Turkey Bites Meal Cat Food 10 oz

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turkey (with ground bone), turkey, turkey hearts, turkey gizzards, turkey livers, organic dandelion greens, sardine oil, organic coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp, organic chia seeds, organic cranberry, organic barley grass, natural mixed tocopherols
Feeding Guidelines (per day) 5 lbs: ¾ cup 10 lbs: 1 cup 15 lbs: 1 ¼ cup When transitioning to Smallbatch, mix with your current foods for 5-7 days. If feeding dry or as a topper, always provide access to clean, fresh water. To rehydrate, simply mix ¼ cup of water or broth for every ½ cup of meal bites. For nursing or pregnant cats and kittens, quantities per day can be doubled. Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian, especially when it comes to pregnant or nursing cats. These feeding guidelines are suggestions and may need to be adjusted depending on your individual cat’s needs.

Help your cat eat a fresher diet with these enticing freeze-dried morsels.

Naturally nutritious, Smallbatch's Freeze-Dried Meal Bites for Cats are made with 98% meat, organs, and bones. This protein-rich cat food is great for all life stages, including kittens and pregnant or nursing cats. To rehydrate this freeze-dried food, simply add 1/4 cup water for every 1/2 cup of meal bites. Mix and enjoy! 

  • 98% meat, organs, and bone
  • Protein-rich
  • Complete & balanced
  • No mechanically-separated meat - ever!
  • Rehydrates easily
  • Partners perfectly with Smallbatch Bone Broth

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