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Finding the Perfect Natural Dog Food and Pet Care Store

Mutts & Co was founded in order to provide pet owners of Columbus with natural pet care and natural pet supplies. We want each store to be a local resource for pet owners to find the best toys, treats, natural food, and other pet supplies. You can shop online for all of our natural food and supplies and order them for both local delivery, curbside store pickup, or have your items shipped to your home. We carry dog food for highly specialized diets, wet food, frozen food, whole prey and soft treats, freeze-fried treats, and many other natural products. We have a variety of accessories from dog apparel, like birthday outfits, daily use bandanas, and Ohio State jerseys, as well as cones, mobility harnesses, and other useful tools for dog parents. At Mutts & Co we know you’re not just shopping for a pet, but you’re taking care of a family member.

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Natural Food Products & Toys for your Pets

Our team knows first hand that the food we feed our pets comes from brands we know and trust to provide the nutrients and quality food products our dogs love and need. Pet food science for pets has come a long way in the last few decades and if you understand what food is best to feed your pet for their breed and lifestyle it can do wonders for their longevity and health. Stop by any local Mutts & Co store in your Columbus area to inquire about dog feed, whole prey treats, wet food, puppy toys, and other treats.

Shop at any of our stores to find the right natural food for your dogs. We have different brands for specific needs and offer both wet and dry foods. We carry freeze-dried treats, hard cheese chews, soft moist treats, frozen yogurt and frozen food, freeze dried vegetable chews, and many other natural foods and treats. 

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While treats are fun for your pets to have, they can also provide great benefits. We sell a variety of chews and bones that support oral health, scrape away build up along the teeth, and massage gums. For treats with a little more durability we offer hard bully sticks, bones, chicken jerky, salmon jerky, freeze-dried treats, chicken and pig feet, hard cheese chews, and more. 

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Many dogs are very food motivated and get very excited when it comes time to feeding time. We carry feeding mats that slow down the pace that your dog can eat, enrichment toys and tread dispensers to keep your dog occupied and focused on their treats for longer, and we carry tough dog toys that are extremely durable and are less susceptible to breaking down. We have plushes, fetch discs, balls, and many other toys to entertain and play with your dogs.

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Natural Wellness Supplies

Mutts & Co’s founding idea revolves entirely around providing healthy and natural options so your dog receives the best pet food and pet care. Our natural approach to pet wellness has made our online pet stores and pet shops a staple in the greater Columbus Ohio area. We carry a variety of pet supplies from quality natural brands for ear, mouth, and eye care to assist with short term and long term pet hygiene, infections, mites, and general maintenance. We have an abundance of ointments, creams, and sprays to hydrate and enhance the skin and coat of your dog. We also offer pet supplements and other natural pet supplies for digestion.

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It’s not uncommon for any puppy or dog to run into issues with ear, eye, or mouth hygiene. We carry many natural items so your dog can stay healthy through all of the stages of their life. Dog eye gunk can be a nuisance and can become unpleasant overtime for the dog. Our pet store sells natural eye wipes to clear any discharge away, as well as supplements for eye health. Shop online or in one of our local stores to purchase dog supplies for ear health such as drops for dry ears, ear cleanser, and drops for mites and other infections. While natural food, treats, and gum strengthening dog toys help in mouth hygiene, we have several trusted brands of flavored cleaning gels, gum quotes, pet toothbrushes, and oral sprays so your dog or puppy has a healthy mouth and pleasant breath.

Whether your dog is a puppy, an adolescent, or fully grown weight control can be tricky for some breeds. We pride ourselves on being a local shop that provides resources and  pet supplies to our Ohio community for helping your pets with their dietary needs. We offer brands that have natural digestion care items like herbal digestive aids, probiotic supplements, digestion superfoods, and dog weight loss supplements. As far as food and treats for digestion problems we have food supplement pouches, digestion aids for upset stomachs, and soft chew treats to aid digestion. While every dog is going to have unique needs and require individual care our store will always carry a variety of natural supplies to keep your pets happy with a healthy gut.

A dog with a strong coat means their skin has a layer of protection from elements like wind, cold temperatures, and the sun. Coat care starts with a healthy diet making sure their food is well balanced, and regularly cleaning and brushing out their fur. Our stores sell a variety of oils, supplements, and other products designed for fur care, strengthening, and enhancing. Pets who need additional support to maintain a healthy skin will benefit from natural creams and ointments that are for sale both on our website and across our Ohio stores. We offer antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory products, clot gels, wet wipes, and sprays for wounds. As a proud natural pet supply store in the Columbus area we are happy to answer any questions regarding the fur and coat of your pet and can direct you to the correct supplies to make sure their skin remains healthy for years to come.

Grooming & Self Service Stations Around Columbus Ohio

Having a local grooming service in the neighborhood makes keeping your dog clean and fresh easier, so we offer skin, and coat care as a service at each store in the Columbus area. Our groomers can ease your puppy through their first bath and grooming experience that is both gentle and thorough. We offer this service and more for puppies up to 4 months. We know that providing great customer service with dog grooming means making sure that your pets are happy and treated well, so we put a lot of care in not only providing an excellent grooming service, but also making sure your pets are comfortable and have an enjoyable time at our store.

No matter the size of your pet a bath can sometimes be a strenuous and messy activity. We aim to simplify the process for our customers by having a dog washing station at each store so you can get your dogs clean without the hassle of trying to keep your bathroom clean. We offer single visit pricing, as well as Dog Wash Packages at a discount. At our store you will have access to supplies like biodegradable shampoos and conditioners, towels, brushes, and other helpful supplies to help get your dog clean. Avoid the mess and bring your dogs to your local Mutts & Co store to utilize our grooming and self-serve dog wash service.

We do our best to make sure that all dogs whether they are anxious or shy feel comfortable while in our store receiving grooming care. We offer hand drying so your pet does not have to go through cage drying. Each of our 6 local shops take specialty care to make sure any pets with anxious or jumpy personalities who receive any service from our groomers are comfortable and safe, and leave feeling proud of their fresh feel and look. We have products from trusted brands to help calm anxious pets for their kennel-free grooming and bathing experience.

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Dog Nutrition Counseling

What you feed your pet can make a world of difference in their health and wellness, which is why every Mutts & Co store is stocked with a variety of trusted brands for everything from natural puppy training treats, to nutritious food for your pet. High quality and balanced food can increase the longevity of your pet’s life and keep them feeling strong even through old age. We offer nutrition counseling so you can get your pet on a nutritious food and care plan and avoid unnecessary health risks like the build up of toxins, joint inflammation, a weakened immune system, and even an irritable mood. Stop into your local Mutts & Co store to speak with one of our food and nutrition experts or fill out the questionnaire on our website so we can get your pet on the right path to a healthier and more balanced diet.

Dog & Puppy Adoption Events

Mutts & Co prides itself on not only being a pet supplies store, but also a local resource and community center for pet owners and those looking to adopt. We work with local nonprofits to host meet and greets so members of our community can learn about how they’re helping the local animal and dog community. We also host adoption events so members of the Columbus community can attend, meet, and even adopt dogs and puppies.

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Shop Mutts & Co Natural Pet Store in Columbus Ohio

If you’re looking for a local pet supply store for natural food, treats, toys, and more check out the nearest Mutts & Co to you in the greater Columbus Ohio area. We offer services for pet owners from grooming, nail cutting, shampooing, nutritional consulting, and many other helpful local services. Browse our online store or stop into one of our stores today to view our wide selection of natural dog products. If you have any questions regarding any of the dog services we offer please call one of our stores today to speak to one of our team members. We know that a dog is more than a pet and respect all of the dogs we groom and care for with the same respect we give our customers.