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Natural Pet Food & Cat Supplies Store

One of our missions at Mutts & Co is to provide access to healthy options for those who truly care about the health and wellness of every pet in their home. We offer natural food brands and products including whole prey treats, collars, harnesses, enrichment toys, catnip toys, and more. Shop online or in-person at any of our neighborhood locations to browse our extensive inventory of curated natural foods and pet products. Our team members can answer any questions you may have about feline care and what products will best serve the needs of your pets.

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Selection of Natural Pet Food

Our local Columbus pet supply store stocks and ships an expansive range of cat food both wet and dry for pets of all ages. We focus on pet food brands that care about the ingredients in their food and that will easily fit into a natural healthy diet for your pet. Whether you’re searching for cat supplies to feed your young kitten or seasoned feline, we have natural, holistic and nutritional cat foods for every stage of life, as well as food for both indoor and outdoor cats.

We have cat food products including grain-free, food made from fish, poultry, duck, turkey, pork, as well as plant based food and whole prey treats. Our pet stores carry wet and dry cat foods that combine both lean meat and nutritious vegetables and lagoons like lentils, pumpkin, coconut, and other plant foods to provide a whole and complete nutritional diet for cats of all ages. Freeze-dried cat food can be used in addition to their normal daily food, or as an excellent balanced treat. Our freeze-dried foods range from salmon nuggets, chicken, turkey, and more. Food toppers are also an excellent nutritional treat that your cat will love and can be added as treats to both dry and wet food. 

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If you’ve ever given any pets treats you've seen how excited they become. As far as pets go cats aren’t as food motivated as dogs, but will still get excited over delicious pet food and teats. Treats give them a boost of joy and can help with behavior problems. Treats can help owners create and maintain a positive bond with their pets and help them to build further trust, and cat treats are great for cleaning teeth and oral hygiene care. The treats we stock are made from chicken, salmon, and other sea foods. We have freeze-dried chicken treats, catnip treats, and many more supplies to keep your pets happy and healthy. As a local Columbus pet food and supplies store we aim to provide products that make it simple to care and nourish our customer’s pets. We believe that a quality natural food pet store should equip customers to not only feed their pets natural, healthy pet food, but give them a range of treats from brands that care about the nutrition going into each product.

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Toppers are a great solution to increase nutrients in your pet’s diet. These wet treats are typically put over dry food and can provide multiple health benefits. Toppers can help increase hydration, make their mealtime more appetizing, providing nutritional benefits such as higher protein, and more. Toppers are an exciting addition to any dry pet food and is a great treat for your pets when it is time to feed them.

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While catnip is often served in the same way treats are handed out, this plant also provides health benefits for cats, especially for any pet that is showing signs of anxiousness or depression. Catnip can reduce your cat’s stress, anxiety, and help them to calm down as a mild sedative. Shop online or in store for catnip toys and other catnip products that help motivate your pet to expend excess energy and exercise; not only is the extra movement great for indoor cats but physical activity can help reduce stress. We offer organic catnip sprays which can be utilized to direct an unruly pet towards a cat stretcher and away from furniture. Your pet will be drawn to the smell of the oil and build healthy habits of using scratching posts. Catnip products can be utilized in many helpful ways and are a great item to have when creating a natural care toolkit for your pet feline.

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Cat Toys & More

Cat toys, interactive tools, and enrichment items for your pet all serve multiple purposes to give your cat the best homelife and care possible. While it brings us joy to see our cats playing with the toys we buy them, it brings them just as much joy and enrichment. Cats have a natural instinct to track, hunt, pounce, and attack prey and providing stimulation with toys helps them to exercise these natural tendencies in a safe and harmless way. Shop online or in person at a Mutts & Co store for a variety of brands and toys. 

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Cats can be temperamental when it comes to toys and other enrichment products, so we offer packages of assorted toys including plastic balls, furry mice, toys with bells and interactive elements. We offer wands with various attachments like feathers, and offer replacement attachments for wands so you can continue to use the same toys over and over. Browse our online selection or stop by the closest Mutts & Co store near you in the greater Columbus area.

Feeding mats are a great tool to make eating a calming experience. These mats foster a calm and soothing eating behavior by slowing down the eating process and calming your cats while they eat their pet food. Throughout our catalog are many interactive and enrichment toys like wobblers, puzzles, chirping balls, wands, and many more toys to play with your pets.

Our Columbus based pet stores sell a variety of catnip plush toys from trusted brands that are an exciting and stimulating way to keep your pet more active. These plush toys contain catnip and sometimes small noise makers in them which trigger natural instincts and senses getting them excited. Felines will often respond to catnip this way by playing with the toys, biting, springing, pouncing, and burning off excess energy. This exercise helps reduce anxiety and can reduce irritable behavior getting their mood back on track. Check out your local Mutts & Co pet store for catnip toys and other fun supplies.

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Natural Wellness Pet Supplies

Health and wellness goes far beyond a healthy, wholesome diet. We carry excellent wellness products to support and supplement your feline’s lifestyle. We have probiotics, salmon oils, joint powders, cat paw balms, and natural immune system supplements. Whether your pet is having digestion issues, dry skin, minor open wounds, or you’re looking for general health supplemental products we have an inventory of trusted brands that we know and trust.

Mutts & Co. Pet Events

Our stores regularly host community events to give our neighborhood members opportunities for local adoptions, attend wellness clinics, and join us for social events. We believe that quality care should be accessible to all pet owners so each store in Columbus and the surrounding area hosts low-cost clinic events where people can get their animals checked over, vaccinated, or microchipped. 

Our adoption events are in collaboration with non-profit organizations in our own city to help provide pets with local homes. Meet & Greets with these non-profits bring the local pet and cat community together to inform and educate our community on what these organizations specialize in and how the community can support them and their missions. Social events range from holiday events to beer tastings and are a great way for pet owners with similar interests to socialize both for the owners and their pets. 

Shopping online, Curbside, & Delivery

Being a local neighborhood pet store allows us to give our customers easy access to everything from collars to frozen treats. Shop online for pet supplies or swing by your local Columbus Mutts & Co location to browse in person or for curbside pickup. We have local delivery to simplify shopping for pet supplies, pet food, and more, and can even deliver right to your place of work.

The Columbus Ohio Pet Supplies Store

With locations across the greater Columbus area we supply products to our community like food, treats, wellness supplies, collars, carriers, grooming services, litter, toys, and other supplies for the feline in your life. Shop at any of our locations or our online store for a curated selection of natural products that focus on the wellness and care of your family pet.