It All Starts With Nutrition

Of all the decisions you need to make for your pet, none are more important than the decisions you make regarding nutrition. Many factors impact the overall health of your pets, but proper nutrition is the largest component. Feeding a high quality food has a significant affect on the length and quality of our pets life. Conversely, a diet of poor quality foods can affect the entire body in numerous negative ways:

  • Conditions like biting and chewing paws, dry skin, chronic ear infections, hot spots, rashes, food allergies, gastrointestinal distress, and sore or stiff joints.
  • Severe diseases such as pet diabetes, obesity, arthritis, pancreatitis, cancer and FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease).
  • Poor digestion and assimilation, leading to reduced nutritional benefits and possibly reduced life expectancy.

People often think feeding their pet a healthy diet means spending a lot on pet food. They are often surprised to find out that natural pet foods aren’t much more expensive than economy brands. Plus, after factoring in reduced portion sizes and fewer vet visits, a healthy diet can actually cost you less than a diet of food providing significantly reduced nutritional value.

The Low Nutrition Diet Cycle

A diet with low nutritional value impacts various areas of a pet’s internal body structure in the same way that humans would be affected:

  1. Healthy organs responsible for elimination of toxins (skin, liver, kidneys) become compromised.
  2. As toxins build up, healthy cells take in fewer nutrients and begin to weaken.
  3. Other organs become overburdened, including the skeletal system (creating joint inflammation) and nervous system (affecting brain function and mood).
  4. Unhealthy cells affect the strength of the immune system, making pet more susceptible to disease.
  5. Symptoms of illness arise, requiring costly veterinary attention and medication treatment.

Using Food To Maintain Wellness – Nutrition Counseling

We understand how daunting it can be to decide on a diet for our pets. The options are endless with much to consider including, type (dry, raw, dehydrated/freeze-dried), price, feeding method and ingredient panels. At Mutts & Co., we offer individualized nutrition counseling via recommendations made from information provided on a questionnaire. If additional information is needed, we can schedule a one-on-one session, free of charge, in stores.

We will review the answers to the questionnaire and make recommendations based on the information provided. We want to emphasize that our recommendations are just recommendations and should be discussed with your veterinarian. We suggest that you take our recommendations and the information from the ingredient panels of the food we are recommending to your veterinarian to obtain their feedback. This is especially important if you are attempting to treat a specific medical issue and if you are concerned about feeding a prescription food and instead choose to feed a higher quality natural food. Our goal is to be a partner to your veterinarian in determining the best diet for your pet.

To obtain a customized recommendation, please complete the Nutrition Questionnaire and we will contact you within 1 week with recommendations for your pet. If you have any additional questions regarding Nutrition Counseling you may also email us at