Playology Dual Layer Bone Dog Toy Beef

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Size: Small
Sale price$9.99

Dual Layer Bone features an enticing scent and a unique, dual layer, ridged design that gives your dog a safe and satisfying chewing experience much like he or she would have in the wild.

  • 3.6" Small, 4.6" Medium, 5.6" Large
  • Small: Up to 15 lbs
  • Medium/Large: 15 - 35 lbs
  • Large: 35 lbs & More 
  • All Ages
  • ​Moderate to Heavy Chewers
  • Chewy Outer
  • Tough Inner
  • Mimics sensation of chewing meaty bone

The Science of Scent Unleashed! Playology designs scented toys that keep dogs engaged longer – seven times as long as the leading brand. Dogs have amazing noses that are 10,000x more powerful than a human’s. Dogs experience the world through scent. Our toys feature ENCAPSISCENT TECHNOLOGY which means our all-natural scents are embedded throughout the material of the toy at the microscopic level. As your dog chews, those tiny scent bubbles are broken and the scent is released for your pup’s olfactory enjoyment. Because we embed the scents directly into the material of each toy, your pooch will enjoy chewing and sniffing over and over again. Safety is a priority, our toys are made from DOG-SAFE MATERIALS. Since there are no safety regulations on dog toys, we use the same standards created for children's toys. All Playology toys are tested to meet U.S. government safety standards for lead, phthalates, BPA and other toxins deemed hazardous. Our SCENTS ARE 100% NATURAL and MADE IN THE USA. We take millions of microscopic derivatives of the actual food and encapsulate them throughout the entire toy. Dirt and sand trapped on the surface of a toy can grind down your pup’s teeth, so in addition, Playology toys are EASY TO CLEAN. Plus, our Encapsiscent technology means you won’t wash away the all-natural scent they love. 

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