Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Chicken Heart Dog and Cat Treats 3 oz

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Chicken Heart

Northwest Naturals Chicken Hearts Freeze-dried Dog Treats are a single ingredient treat pet parents will feel good about giving their furry friend daily. The freeze dry process locks in aroma and freshness making this raw whole food treat something pets will crave this!

Northwest Naturals Freeze-dried Dog Treats are:

Made with fresh, whole single ingredient proteins
Hearts are packed full of vitamins and minerals
Minimally processed preserving all the characteristics and natural nutrition
Freeze Drying preserves the nutrients and enzymes by turning the moisture in the frozen raw food into water vapor instead of going into liquid form.

Northwest Naturals is family-owned and operated since 1956. Their frozen raw foods, freeze dried formulas, raw bones, chubs, and treats are all crafted with care at their Portland facility before shipping out to independent pet stores like Tomlinson's, and eventually, into the bowls and bellies of pets like yours.

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