Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl

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Give your kitty the utmost comfort at mealtimes with the Necoichi Ceramic Elevated Dog & Cat Food Bowl. By raising the food to his level instead of forcing him to bend down, it makes for easier swallowing and smoother digestion and it’s also great for cats with arthritis, by reducing neck strain. The inner lip means no spills, and the unique curvature helps the food stay centered so that he isn’t chasing the last few pieces around the bowl. Plus, the designs just so happens to be adorable!

・Designed to prevent whisker fatigue.
   The dish edge features a subtle ergonomic lip that reduces spills and also acts as a scoop assist.
・Elevated height reduces strain on the body by alleviating stress in the muscles,
   bones, and joints. Advocates an increase in appetite and helps prevents vomiting.
・Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
・The non-skid silicon loop will prevent bowls from sliding and provides protection for your floors
・Made to FDA/EC & ECC European standard, Lead and Cadmium free. 

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