Natural Farm Beef Tendon Chips 5.2 oz

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Beef tendon
Beef tendon

Tasty & tough: Made from the tissue that connects muscle to bone, these 100% natural beef tendons create a delectable and beneficial treat for any occasion. Each tendon chip offers the opportunity for your dog to de-stress and indulge. These unique treats are rich in collagen to bolster mobility, flexibility, and cognitive function. Tendon chips also clean your dog’s teeth as they chew and provide nutrients for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Our Tendon Chips are best suited for light to medium chewers.


  • - Perfect for light & medium chewers
  • - Designed to boost mobility, flexibility, digestive health, and dental health
  • - Promote a healthy mind and brilliant coat
  • - Single-ingredient: Natural beef tendon
  • - Grain free, hormone free, & chemical free
  • - Made from grass fed, free-range cattle in Brazil
  • - Earth-friendly packaging made from sugar cane

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