K&H Pet Products Coolin' Bowl Sky Blue 32 oz

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Water is best served cold, and the K&H Pet Products Coolin' Bowl Dog & Cat Bowl allows you to do just that. Using an innovative inner gel core and double-walled insulation, it can actually keep water refreshing and cool for up to 15 hours at a time! It’s perfect for pet parents that work and can’t add ice throughout the day, and it’s also great for outdoor activities like trips to the beach or dog park. Simply fill the inner core with water, which will activate the cooling gel crystals, and then freeze overnight. For bonus cooling, try filling it with an inch of water before the nightly freeze—that layer of ice in the morning will add to the icy coolness!


  • Cooling water bowl keeps water refreshing cool for as long as 15 hours.
  • Features an inner gel core and double-walled insulation. No electricity required!
  • Activate the inner gel crystals by filling with water, and then freeze overnight.
  • Indoor/outdoor design is great for working pet parents, travel to the beach, camping and more.
  • Made from BPA-free, 100 non-toxic materials. Hand wash only to protect the unique gel crystals.

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