Canophera Natural Dogs Chew Sticks

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1 Review
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Size: X-Small
Sale price$9.99

CANOPHERA provides natural sticks that both satisfy your dog’s desire to chew and clean their teeth. If your dog fears being separated from you, gets nervous in unfamiliar and busy surroundings or while traveling, our chews provide a natural way to deal with it.

  • Strengthens dental muscles
  • promotes natural cleaning of teeth
  • Made out of coffee tree wood
  • Harder to break than locally-sourced forest wood

Size recommedations

Dogs within the recommended wight guidelines with strong chewing habits might require the next size up. 

XS dogs up to 10 lbs

Small Dogs up to 20 lbs

Medium dogs up 50 lbs

Larges dogs over 50 lbs 

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