Whole Prey - A Little Gross, A Lot of Good
Whole prey is a huge and growing area of natural chews. Although they definitely don't look like many of your traditional dog chews, they provide actual health and nutrition benefits while minimizing waste from farming, hunting and food manufacturing. Use every part! 
What is Whole Prey?
  • Whole or parts of prey animals which are consumed by wild animals (including non-domesticated cats & dogs)
  • Normally includes skin, fur and/or feathers and made up of organs, glands, and blood
What Kinds of Whole Prey Can You Get?
  • Freeze-Dried Hearts & Livers = high in Vitamins A&D (to boost the immune system)
  • Raw Ears = high in amino acids, fats and chondroitin (for joint health)
  • Raw Feet = calcium (for bone development) and glucosamine (for joint health)
  • Animal Heads = calcium (for bone development) and B12 / Omega 3 (for coat health)
  • And to get really specific....Animal Eyes are high in protein & zinc to mimic a Keto diet
What are the Benefits of Whole Prey?
  • Nutritionally beneficial as supplements to both kibble and raw diets
  • Hair/Fur = fiber to support gut health
  • Blood = iron to produce energy
  • Organs = taurine for heart health
  • Muscle = protein for muscle development
  • Cartilage/bone = calcium & phosphorous for bone strength (great for puppies!!)
What's the Deal with the Fur????
  • Natural dietary fiber for gut health, regular stool and weight management
  • Animal-based insoluble fiber gets all the way to the colon to address constipation and naturally clean anal glands
  • Mental stimulation so dogs/cats can engage in eating, shredding and chewing like they would in the wild
  • IMPORTANT - kibble and raw diets don't get this natural fiber, so a furry foot is a great diet supplement

Like any natural chew - monitor your pets to ensure they don't become a choking hazard. Make sure your pet enjoy their whole prey pieces safely.

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