Skunk Happens!

We are animal lovers. And animal lovers love all animals.

But admittedly, some animals are a little harder to love. Like skunks.

It’s not their fault that they evolved scent glands which hold stinky chemicals powerful enough to repel an attacking bear. And it’s definitely NOT their fault they spray these chemicals up to 15 feet at animals whom they perceive as a threat - including your curious and unlucky dog. Blame nature. And curiosity.

So, skunk happens. Hopefully not to you or any of your pets. But perhaps learning a little about skunks and do’s and don’ts for before and after getting ‘skunked’ can help. Be advised – opinions vary, and veterinary care might be a necessary step, so do your own research.

Skunk season

  • Mating season = February & March
  • Birthing season = May & June
  • Spraying season = February through August

Sprayed in the face…or worse? 

  • Use a pet eye wash or cold water to flush out any oil from your pet’s eyes.
  • Visit a vet if the eyes become red, squinty or show any discharge.
  • Also see a vet if your pet got scratched or bitten, gets nauseous or vomits, or has trouble eating, drinking or breathing.

Wait before you wash

Homemade remedy

  • One popular alternative recipe consists of 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda and 1-2 teaspoons of liquid detergent like Dawn or Ivory.
  • NEVER use washing soda (sodium carbonate) or baking powder. Baking soda only.
  • Apply mix to sprayed area(s) using latex gloves. Let sit 5-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Repeat if needed before shampoo bath.
  • Discard any leftover alternative mix – do NOT store for future use.

The better option - don’t get sprayed!

  • Skunks are nocturnal. Keep lights on at night and watch your pets while outside.
  • Don’t leave food or treats outside which might attract unwanted visitors.
  • Big problem like regular visits or a possible nest? Consult a pest-control professional.
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