Keeping Your Pets Comfortable This Winter

Dogs typically feel 2 ways about the cold. They either love it...or hate it! A St. Bernard or Newfie may want to stay outside for hours, lounging in the snow. But just because they have fur does not mean dogs are completely protected from the cold temperatures (just ask a Chihuahua!).

It is every pet owner’s job to make sure their pets are prepared for the elements when they go outside. Mutts & Co. has many tips and products to assist you in getting your fur babies all set to take their “business” outside.

Winter Weather Attire.  Certain dog breeds have fur that is made for colder temperatures.  Breeds with thinner and shorter coats are not as insulated.  If your dog falls in the latter category, put a coat or sweater on them for their walks or outdoor play time.  Mutts & Co. has many items to choose from to suit your dog’s fashion and cold-weather needs. Check out our outerwear here!

Regulate Outdoor Time.  Your pet may love spending a long amount of time outside.  That does not mean you should allow overexposure.  Their ears, nose, paws and tails get colder faster than their torso and can suffer from prolonged exposure. Consider taking your pet out for more frequent and shorter walks and play time.  Just make sure they have plenty of fun things to do inside to replace the outdoor enrichment.

Snow Removal.  Not all ice melts/salt products on the market are safe for your pup’s paws. Some salt products can burn pet paws or be poisonous if ingested. Most local hardware stores will offer a safer version. Plus, Mutts & Co. carries all-natural Arctic Eco-Green Ice melter. However, please keep in mind that none are 100% safe, so remove any ice melt products from your dog’s paws immediately.

When they come inside some dogs just love to snuggle under a blanket. Add a Tall Tails Fleece Blanket to their bed or favorite couch spot to give them even sweeter dreams. Plus, make sure that your pups have a warm place to sleep away from drafts and cold floors.  A Bowsers micro-velvet bed is exactly what your sleepy dog needs.

Also, low-riding dogs like Dachsunds or Corgis would appreciate a snow-free path to the grass. Prepare in advance by laying a tarp down before any snow falls and remove when your pup ventures outside for a clear potty location.

Watching the Waistline.  Dogs, like humans, tend to put on more weight during winter.  Since cold weather shortens outside time, your pups are getting less exercise.  You might want to reduce the amount of dog food you are feeding since burning less calories. Or consider a lower calorie, weight management food from brands like Nutrisource and Fromm to mitigate unwanted weight gain.

Paw care.  You would think longer fur provides more paw protection. But long fur can actually collect snow and ice, which then leads to a good deal of discomfort. One great product to help battle the snow and salt is “Mushers Secret”, a wax that goes directly on the paws prior to outside time. It will protect from snow gathering while acting as a buffer from salt burn. Even good in summertime to protect from hot asphalt.


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