VIP Tuffy's Barnyard Series Rutabaga Rabbit Dog Toy

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Size: Regular
Sale price$26.99

Tuffy toys like this Barnyard Rabbit the most durable dog toys on the market! With up to 4 layers of material, our toys are bonded and sewn together for added durability. Most dog toys have just one seam to hold the toy together. Tuffy toys can have up to 7 rows of stitching! A protective webbing is sewn around the outside edge to cover the seams of the toy and make the toy even stronger. Our toys are built to last, but keep in mind that no toy is indestructible. Tuffy toys are designed to be used for interactive play and are not chew toys

  • Protective webbing sewn around outside seams. 
  • Multiple layers & stitching for added durability. 
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Squeakers sewn inside safety pockets.
  • Machine washable and it floats! 
  • Rated 9 on the TUFF Scale
  • Polyester, fleece
  • Junior Size 3" x 11" x 6"
  • Regular Size 5.5" x 13.8" x 9" 
ALL dog toys are meant for interactive play, not for chewing. If your dog wants to chew, remove the toy immediately and give your dog something they can digest if swallowed. Over time, this toy will start to show wear. Trim loose threads or loose material to avoid accidental ingestion. Toys are machine washable, air dry.Caution: Tuffy's are the "World's Most Durable Soft Dog Toys" and they are built to withstand rigorous interactive play, not aggressive chewing. We use quality durable materials, but this product is still a soft plush dog toy that can be damaged from chewing. Love your dog, treat them the same as a child, and NEVER let your dog ingest or swallow any part of ANY brand of dog toy.

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