TickCheck Tick Remover Value 3 Pack

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Keep yourself and your paw-tner tick-free with a TickCheck Tick Remover Value. Designed for convenience, the included tick remover tools are a simple, low-cost method for removing ticks of any size from humans, doggos, cats and other furry friends. The thin plastic tip is ideal for removing ticks embedded under thick fur. What’s more, the tools come with a pocket-sized tick identification card with instructions for proper tick removal, as well as a resealable, plastic storage bag.

  • Includes a handy tick ID card with diagrams for identifying the most common tick species in North America.
  • Hook tip is designed to safely and easily remove ticks from humans and pets—even paw-tners with thick fur.
  • Lightweight, pocket-sized tools make it easy to bring tick removal gear with you.
  • Follow the included instructions for safe and complete tick removal by pulling, not twisting, the tick.
  • Tools are packaged in a resealable, plastic storage bag.

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