Steve's Real Food Freeze-Dried Lamu Nuggets for Dogs and Cats, 1.25 lbs

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Ground Lamb, Lamb Heart, Emu Liver, Ground Emu, Broccoli, Carrots, Apples, Emu Bone, Green Lipped Mussel, Romaine Lettuce, Goat Milk, Flaxseed, Dried Kelp, Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil, Inulin, Chia Seeds, Taurine, Mixed Tocopherols, Ground Eggshell, Dicalcium Phosphate

Steve's Real Food Lamu Freeze-Dried dog food combines delicious lean emu and fatty lamb to offer the perfect balance of protein to fat. This nutrient-packed meal features 80% meat and 20% veggies, giving your pet the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary to help fight disease and promote strong bones, muscles, and organ function. 

Steve's Real Food freeze-dried nuggets are ready-to-serve as a hearty meal or easy to break apart for training.

  • Fortified with raw goat milk
  • Made with USDA Certified New Zealand lamb and locally sourced emu from North Carolina.
  • Free from added antibiotics or hormones
  • Pour and serve to make feeding easy

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