Solutions Pet Products Raw Frozen Chicken Recipe

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Buy 12 get 1 FREEAnswers Pet Food awards you with 1 free Answers product after the purchase of 12. The 12 items may include products from 2 separate groupings; Mix & Match any 12 of the Additional and Rewards products and get one free and buy and 12 of the same form of the Detailed and Straight products and get one free. In return, you will receive one free Answers product equal or of lesser value of the 12 purchased items within the two separate groups. *Please note: Answers Detailed Bulk Products are exempt from all Loyalty Programs. Details Details
Size: 12 lbs
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Organic chicken, organic chicken heart, organic chicken liver, organic ground chicken bone, organic chicken gelatin, raw sheep’s milk, fermented organic chicken eggs, organic kale, organic parsley, fermented okra, fermented cod liver, fermented organic ginger, organic chia seeds, raw goat butter, salt, wheat germ oil (source of Vitamin E), organic kelp

*Individual variables may modify caloric need. See our feeding calculator for more precise feeding instructions.

It is our recommendation that you calculate daily intake to account for the increased bioavailability and absorption. Use our feeding calculator to calculate caloric intake at 88kcals/oz. This is better for your budget and generally better for your pet’s health and body composition.

Pet Weight
Up to 50lbs 2.3oz/10lbs of body weight per day
51-80lbs 2.0oz/10lbs of body weight per day
81-110lbs 1.7oz/10lbs of body weight per day
+111lbs 1.1oz/10lbs of body weight per day

Solutions Pet Products is a united, mission oriented, intentionally focused fresh pet food and supplement collaborative. Using traditional farming and modern science to create simple solutions to complex problems, these experts stem from all fields of the pet food industry, from regenerative farmers to nutrition and regulatory specialists to veterinarians to advocates. Solutions pushes forward to advance the fresh and holistic feeding sector. With new ideas and evidence based teaching, they lead an informed and powerful community towards lasting health

  • Supplementing with one of Solutions' dairy and/or jiggles products are required for cats, kittens, puppies, lactating and pregnant animals
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Humane processing and eco-friendly packaging
  • No HPP (high-pressure pasteurization)

*Keep frozen

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