Simple Solutions Pee Post Pheromone Treated Yard Stake

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Getting your beloved furbaby to “go” where you want them to can be such a pain. And potty training is a chore! With the Simple Solution Pee Post® Outdoor Dog Training Aid, and a little patience, you can help your pet hit the spot. The secret is in the pheromones. Dogs mark their territory by depositing pheromones when they urinate. Our pee post is infused with pheromones, which prompt your dog’s natural instinct to urinate. Follow the instructions, and keep to a dedicated daily routine of positive reinforcement. You can do this.
  • MARKING THE SPOT - Simple Solution Pee Post® Outdoor Potty Training Aid for puppies and adult dogs encourages them to eliminate in a specific area of your yard.
  • WHEN NATURE CALLS - Pee Post® is a non-toxic pheromone-infused yard stake that prompts your dog’s natural response to urinate.
  • SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE - With Go Here™ technology, Pee Post® can be used alone as a housetraining aid, or used in conjunction with other dog housetraining methods.
  • KEEP IT CONTAINED - Helps make cleaning up after your dog and maintaining your lawn easier.
  • GET IN THE GROOVE - For best results, keep a dedicated daily routine until your pet consistently eliminates near the post.

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