Pioneer Pet 80 oz. Swan Drinking Fountain Plastic

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Dishwasher safe. 

Dishwasher safe. 

Keep your kitty hydrated with the stylish Swan Cat Drinking Fountain from Pioneer Pet. It allows for your furry friend to sip on the flowing water and it falls from the slender neck and into the basin. The charcoal filter ensures clean water and it holds up to 80 ounces of water. Made from premium plastic, this fountain is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It also offers a USB connection as well as a standard wall plug to run. Whether you have one or multiple paw-tners, the Pioneer Pet Swan Cat Drinking Fountain will entice your little ones to drink more water.

Key Benefits
  • Stylish water fountain that mimics a faucet for your kitty to drink out of.
  • Flowing water falls from the slender neck and into the basin.
  • Features a charcoal filter to ensure clean water for your paw-tner.
  • Holds up to 80 ounces of water and easy to clean.
  • Ideal for single or multi-cat homes.
What's Included

Fountain, Pump, Filter.

Capacity is calculated by total volume. When using container, choose a capacity greater than what you need to prevent overfilling and spills.

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