Nugget's Healthy Eats Frozen Bone Broth Butter Chicken For Dogs 12oz

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Keep frozen until serving. Thaw and store in fridge up to 10 days. Serve as a meal topper or snack in between meals. Or refreeze in/on toys and watch your pups lick away! Adjust amount depending on age and activity level. Recommended daily serving for dogs: Dogs under 50 lbs: 0.5 to 1.5oz (about 2 tablespoons) Dogs over 50 lbs: 2 to 3oz (3-5 tablespoons)

Bone Broth Butter is a new, healthy way to enrich your pet's meals or interactive toys! Featuring Nugget's tasty and nutrient-packed bone broth in a stuffable, spreadable form, this delicious blend promotes engagement with meal or puzzle time as well as your dog's gut wellness. Each spread includes select superfood ingredients like organic coconut, shiitake, fennel, and ginger, alongside proprietary raw fermented probiotic turmeric and kefir probiotics for optimal health.

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