Gooby Half Zip-Up Fleece Vest Turquoise

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Size: Small
Sale price$21.99

Pickup currently unavailable at Dublin

Machine wash cold and air dry recommended

Cool mornings, brisk breezes, or even snow means even the most active dogs are going to feel the chill. Make those walks more comfortable for your best fur pal with our Half Zip Up Fleece Vest! This design brings together great features so you can get the vest on even the most skittish dog and still achieve a fantastic fit.

Our streamlined Fleece Vest gets an upgrade with a half zipper in this sweater, allowing you to create a larger opening for wiggly pups who are super active or don’t like things around their heads. Make getting your dog ready easier and less stressful with the convenient half zip design. Dress your pup for walking success in no time. And with a zipper guard, cutaway design, and super-soft fleece, your dog can comfortably wear the vest all day. Machine-wash this vest, and it’ll air-dry in a flash so you can get your pup dressed quickly, or grab one in each color and always stay coordinated.

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