GoDog Action Plush Squirrel Dog Toy

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The goDog Action Plush Squirrel Animated Squeaker Dog Toy is an animated toy that rewards your furbaby’s natural playing and instincts. When your pup sinks his teeth into this toy, the toy moves with every chomp. The result is the look and feel of real prey, so playtime is su-paw interactive and enticing. Best of all, there’s no need for batteries. While the toy is tons of fun, it’s also a super-soft cuddle companion that’s perfect for snuggling. It features a tough, heavy-duty lining that makes it extra durable if your pup likes to play rough.


  • Animated squeaker plush toy rewards your dog’s natural playing and hunting instincts.
  • Toy moves when your dog bites it, creating the feel of motion and prey.
  • Requires no batteries.
  • Tough chew-resistant lining and reinforced seams make the toy extra durable.
  • Designed for a longer lifespan than standard plush toys.

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