Curli Clasp Air-Mesh Vest Dog Harness Light Tan

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Size: Small
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As an avid outdoor athlete, it was clear to Mark Zimmermann (product manager at curli) that Kylie, his Norfolk Terrier, would not wear a collar. The pull on the leash, concentrated on the neck area, can have fatal health consequences for the dog. So he sat down and developed a dog harness, which should distribute the train as best as possible. Step by step the Vest harness was created in the "3D Comfort Fit" cut, suitable for the Chihuahua to the French Bulldog. With the Vest harness Kylie has a solution for every day that allows all requirements for the healthy and safe dog life in an urban environment.



  • Step-in harness, quick and easy to put on
  • Size adjustable with velcro to adapt to the body shape
  • Cross-stitched nylon straps for optimal tension distribution and protection against neck injuries
  • Padded buckles and thus no bruises
  • Zig zag seams for flexible tension distribution
  • Two closed safety eyes for secure attachment of the leash
  • Reflective elements on the neck; additional security in the dark
  • Lightweight, breathable stretch air mesh upper material Cooling effect when submerged in water

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