Boxiecat Extra Strength Scent Free Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter


Weight: Pounds: 16 lbs
Sale price$20.99


Veterinarian recommended and winner of the Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award, Boxiecat litter quality makes a noticeable difference.

Boxiecat Extra Strength stops odors before they start using the same good bacteria found in probiotics. Its game-changing technology offers a 100% natural solution for those who need extra odor control. This scent-free formula is perfect for odor producing cats, small spaces, and heavy litter use. It is also the first litter designed to tackle increased odors due to a high protein diet.

  • Natural probiotic odor control
  • Stops odors before they start
  • Instant flat-top™ clumps
  • Scoops easily, stays clean
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Resists tracking
  • Ideal for high protein diets
  • For single and multiple cats
  • Cats love it™
Pure premium clay, natural probiotics.

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