Answers Pet Food Detailed Formula Turkey Raw Frozen Cat Food 1 lb Carton

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Scientifically formulated to provide your cat a diet rich in high-moisture nutrients from raw meat and animal products. Detailed Formula for Cats helps ensure sustained energy, proper hydration, and optimal weight. High in reproductive foods like organic eggs from pasture-fed hens and fermented raw goat’s milk, our deliciously-crafted recipe provides superior nutrition and aids in healthy immune and digestive systems.

EACH RECIPE HAS: Meat, organs, ground bone, organic eggs, fermented raw goat’s milk, raw goat’s milk whey, fermented cod liver, Montmorillonite (natural trace minerals), carrot fiber, sea salt, vitamin E supplement.

STORAGE AND HANDLING: Keep frozen. Thaw carton on plate to serve. Good for 7 days refrigerated.


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