Stop Fleas & Ticks – No More Pests for your Pets

You know fleas and ticks are bad. That’s not news. But do you know why? And where they hide? And when they come out? Let’s do a Q&A on F&T.

What is so bad about fleas and ticks?

  • These tiny, almost-invisible pests have a vicious cycle of biting and scratching
  • They are parasites that survive by ingesting the blood of warm-blooded hosts like cats, dogs, and humans
  • Bites can lead to skin irritation and disease like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (ticks) and cat-scratch disease and tapeworms (fleas)

When is flea and tick season?

  • Year-round depending upon climate.
  • Particularly worse in warm, humid weather.
  • Late spring and early summer are peak times in the United States.

Where do fleas and ticks live?

  • Flea eggs can be laid and borne indoors, then hide in carpet, bedding and cracks in floors.
  • Outdoors they live in areas that have a lot of weeds, grass, or piled debris.
  • Ticks flourish in shady areas, under leaves or tall grasses
  • Both are carried by wild animal hosts like deer, foxes and rodents before transferring to pets and people.

What can you do to protect your home?

  • Vacuum on a regular basis, as fleas will hide in your carpet while waiting for a pet to feed off of.
  • Change your pet’s bedding as frequently as possible to protect your pet while they are at rest.
  • Wash your bedding in the hottest water allowable by the manufacturer

How do I tell if my pet may have fleas or ticks?

  • Run a flea comb through your pet’s coat.
  • Look for presence of adult fleas or brown/black ‘flea dirt’ (flea feces).
  • When moistened on a tissue, flea dirt will turn the towel red (from ingested blood).
  • Check for embedded pests around your pet's ears, between paws, in armpits, skin folds, and at the base of their tail
  • Watch for excessive licking, biting or scratching to soothe irritated areas or bumps and scabs where bites have occurred.

What products can prevent or remedy a pest problem?


  • Collars infused with a natural blend of aromatic herbs and essential oils to kill and repel pests from your pet’s coat.
  • Internal Powder changes the odor of your pet’s blood so that pests dislike the scent and taste of the blood.
  • Shampoo eliminates active infestations with natural essential oils.
  • Repel Spray uses vet-formulated and vet-approved plant-based ingredients in a certified USDA organic manufacturing facility.


  • Wipes are DEET Free and made with skin-soothing cedarwood and peppermint oil.
  • Flea & Tick Spray combines cedar, rosemary and peppermint oil to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes while soothing and aiding skin irritations. 


  • Pet + Home Spray is a curiously effective, natural alternative to chemical pesticides for use on dogs, cats & home interiors.
  • Yard + Garden Spray is a ready-to-use solution that repels and kills fleas, ticks and hundreds of other pests while being safe for beneficial insects.


  • Dog + Home Spray contains potent pest-fighting ingredients to kill fleas and ticks by contact (including larvae and eggs) and repel mosquitos.
  • Yard Spray repels for up to 2 weeks when used as directed in an area up to 5,000 sq. feet.
  • Flea Combs control fleas and larvae and identify skin and coat problems.
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