TRIXIE Lick'N'Snack Plate Slow Feeder for Dogs

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20 cm x 20 cm
20 cm x 20 cm

The Lick'N'Snack Platter from Trixie is a lick plate for your dog's where you can spread a tasty liver pate, spreader cheese or pastes, wet feed or other dairy products.

Licking can have a calming and relaxing impact to your dogs and this Trixie Lick'n'Snack Platter is an ideal partner. It has various of breaks and three distinct patterns which will surely keep your pets engaged and can force them to eat slowly in longer periods.

  • Plate with thermoplastic rubber (TPR), plastic
  • licking calms your pet and provides quiet periods   
  • low intake of snacks in long, drawn-out period of activity
  • can be coated e.g. with pastes, wet feed or dairy products
  • fill with snacks and freeze for a fresh surprise 
  • rim holds back liquids    
  • non-slip corners    

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