Thunderworks ThunderCover Dog Tag Silencer

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Color: Red
Sale price$7.95

The ThunderCover Dog Tag Silencer lets you say goodbye to late-night jingling of dog tags. With this uniquely designed tag cover, you won’t be woken up by your dog moving about, and your neighbors won’t hear the sound of your dog’s tags during nighttime walks. The ThunderCover is made of durable transparent silicone that silences up to three regular-size dog tags but still allows you to read them. It’s easy to use—simply slide the tags in and you’re done. This cover lets you keep important tags such as rabies shot verification on your dog’s collar instead of removing them because of they’re too noisy.


  • Long-lasting: made from durable soft silicone
  • Perfect to silence noisy dog tags, a great option for pups who are constantly on-the-go
  • Capable of fitting up to 3 regular-size dog tags
  • Clear covers allows for the tags to remain visible and readable
  • Water resistant to keep tags protected

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