The Paws Jolly Pet Bandana for Dogs and Cats

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Size: Small
Sale price$10.99

Blasting through the snow - chasing reindeers
- Oh what fun it is to play and we don’t even need the sleigh!
Tailor cut bandana, sized & ready to wear

• 100% Cotton
• 100% Handmade in Bali 
Machine washable
Line dry or tumble dry low 

S [Small] fits both cats, puppies & smaller dogs too.
• Neck Size 8" - 12"

M [Medium] is a good option if you are not sure if your dog is small or not - oversize bandanas look best on smaller dogs! Medium is perfect for Frenchies, Pugs, rescue Mix Breed pups, and smaller Doodles.
• Neck Size 12" - 15"

[Large] is for bigger dogs like Labradors or larger Doodles. 
• Neck Size 15" - 17"
XL [Extra Large] is for the largest dogs such as Great Danes, Goldens, Saint Bernards, English Bulldogs and extra fluffy Doodles.
• Neck Size 17" - 23"

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