Solid Gold Berry Balance Dog & Cat Supplement, 3.5-oz jar

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Cranberry Powder, Blueberry Powder, Beef Liver, Natural Flavoring, Silica Aerogel, Rice Flour, Ascorbic Acid.


Dosage Twice Per Day (tsp.)

1 - 15 LBS


16 - 30 LBS


31 - 45 LBS


46 - 60 LBS


>61 LBS


For dogs and cats, feed the above amounts, mixed in with dry and/or canned food, twice a day for the first month. After 1 month, reduce to giving these amounts once a day only, 3 days a week.

Berry Balance is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs to help promote a healthy urinary pH. It contains cranberries and blueberries that can help prevent adhesion of bacteria to the bladder and urinary tract wall. Berry Balance should only be used if the urine pH is too alkaline. It is important to use Solid Gold’s pH strips to closely monitor the pet’s urine pH while using Berry Balance.

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