RC Pet Products Pace No Pull Dog Harness Royal Blue

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Size: Small
Sale price$22.00

Let’s admit it, excessive pulling can take the fun out of a walk. Our Pace No Pull Harness uses a front connection design to gently discourage pulling behaviour by redirecting your pup to face you. Worried your pup might react to loud noises or strange people? Use both connection points to double up on control. This will help you prevent or control unwanted reactions and redirect your dog’s attention towards you. Keeping your pooch comfortable and well-behaved is really that easy.

  • Small:     16" - 22" 15 - 25 lbs
  • Medium:  20" - 28" 25 - 45 lbs
  • Large:      25” - 35" 45 - 75 lbs 
  • XLarge:    30" - 40" 70 - 110 lbs 

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