Petipet Turmeric Bars Inflammation & Allergy Dog Supplement

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Size: 4 oz
Sale price$11.99
Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Baobab, Organic Turmeric, Curcumin 95%, Sunflower Oil, Quercetin, Ginger, Pectin. Caloric Content 325.1 kcal/100g; 6.2 per Bar

PETIPET Turmeric Bars Inflammation & Allergy Complex Dog Supplement is an all-natural formula that contains organic turmeric and curcumin to provide allergy relief and reduce itching and other seasonal allergy symptoms in your pup. It includes a dose of quercetin to help your furry friend reduce histamine production and reduce inflammation. These plant-based chews also feature sweet potato and apple without any flours, yeasts or animal by-products. Help your paw-tner get back on track with PETIPET Turmeric Bars Inflammation & Allergy Complex Dog Supplement.

  • These dog training pads are formulated with the power of Febreze freshness to help neutralize strong ammonia odors and keep your home smelling clean.
  • Four Paws seven-layer Floor Armor Leak-Proof System draws fluid to the core of the pad to help lock in moisture.
  • A rapid-drying top layer with oversized quilting works to prevent wet paw tracking.
  • A built-in, targeted attractant continuously draws your dog to the pad.
  • These pads are paw-fect for dogs of all sizes and come in space-saving, compact packaging.

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