Meowijuana Catnip Get a Rise Balloon Cat Toy

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Send your kitties up, up, and away with our refillable, durable, hot air balloon. There's no better way to get a rise out of your cat than with our high-grade, Meowijuana catnip ensuring your cat will be floating higher than the clouds with excitement. Our durable construction helps provide your kitty with endless amounts of fun. Our dope 'nip brings them the joy they deserve, and our toys are so good we will have your cat floating out in the mewniverse.

  • - Refill again and again because this plush balloon is made for plenty of play
  • - Meowijuana catnip is 100 paw-scent natural and made from organic plants because artificial ingredients just won't cut it for your fur friend!
  • - Designed to relieve anxiety and boredom and to help keep weight down
  • - This hand sifted catnip is free of rough bits and stems for unbeatable softness and cut
  • - Catnip makes a righteous gift for felines of any age or size-yes, even your senior can let loose sometimes

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