Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Singles Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats 2 oz

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  • ALL NATURAL Grandma Lucy's finds the highest quality natural ingredients from around the globe to ensure pets health.
  • FREEZE-DRIED Our gentle freeze-drying process removes 92% of the water contained in our ingredients, leaving a food that is lightweight, compact, shelf-stable and preservative-free.
  • GRAIN-FREE Removing grains from a dogs diet promotes healthy weight, higher energy levels and helps fight food intolerance.
  • GMO FREE We believe that pet parents should know what the feed their pets, so we have a strict GMO-FREE policy. Grandma Lucy's believes in GMO-Free natural ingredients. Genetically Modified Foods increase the risk of food based allergies.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES Grandma Lucy's proprietary freeze dried process keeps ingredients shelf stable, meaning our product stay fresh on the shelf free of preservatives.
Sweet Potato

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