Glandex Anal Gland & Hygenic Pet Wipes 24ct

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Boot the scoot with Glandex Anal Gland Hygienic Pet Wipes! These fresh-scented towelettes are gentle enough to be used daily, yet powerful enough to banish even the strongest of odors. Soothing aloe and vitamin E work to support a healthy coat and skin while gentle cleansers and natural deodorizers freshen up after anal gland expression. Tough odors don’t stand a chance against these thick and soft wipes, so feel free to keep them handy for on-the-go cleansing! Plus, Glandex® pet wipes are made with DeoPlex®, natural enzymatic deodorizes designed to tackle the toughest of odors—so your pet is bound to smell their absolute best!

Key Benefits
  • Made in the USA with Vitamin E and Aloe for skin conditioning and skin hydration.
  • These quick and easy wipes are mild and sensitive enough to be used daily while still remaining tough on odor.
  • The safe and non-toxic formula is made without the use of skin-irritating alcohol and parabens.
  • Used by veterinarians and professional groomers to control and prevent gland odor.
  • Use these gentle and hydrating wipes all over to deodorize and clean your pet on the go.

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