Cosmic Pet Hush Plush On/Off Squeaker Unicorn Plush Dog Toy


Size: Small
Sale price$9.99


The Hush Plush Unicorn features soft plush and a durable TPR squeaker with a hidden superpower. The squeaker's unique “ON/OFF switch” gives your dog (and you) more ways to play. Simply push the end of the squeaker in for loud, raucous fun or pull it out for gentle, quiet play. The choice is yours!
Key Benefits
  • Made of soft plush and featuring a tough squeaker, this toy is a real blast.
  • Designed with an ultra-unique on/off switch that lets you turn the noise on and off.
  • Includes a tail made of durable TPR, which is fun to chew—even when the squeaker is off.
  • The cozy, squishy material is great for snuggling after playtime is over.
  • It's a versatile toy that lets you decide how to play—like having 2 toys in 1.

Large: 15"

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