Super Snouts Urinary Berry Urinary Support Supplement for Dogs & Cats 2.64 oz

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You have the power to give your pet’s urinary system super strength! Banish UTIs, improve bladder health and urinary function with Super Snouts Urinary Berry by Diggin' Your Dog! Urinary Berry is made of cranberries sourced from the USA and wild blueberries sourced from Canada... and that’s it! This supplement is nutraceutical grade, meaning these are the same high quality ingredients used for human products.

Cranberries and blueberries are naturally packed with special anti-adhesion compounds known as proanthocyanidins or P.A.Cs. These compounds' superpower is to form a slippery barrier that blocks bacteria from adhering to the mucosal walls of the bladder and urinary tract. Pesky bacteria are unable to cause trouble when they literally can't stick around, and they're simply washed away in the urine. And so, the day (and bladder) is saved!

P.A.C.s also have the added bonus of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help promote a healthy immune system! They support healthy teeth, gums, eyes and cardiovascular health as well. Be your pet’s hero when you give them this healthy supplement!

(Nutraceutical Grade) Cranberries, Wild Blueberries



Daily Dosage

01 - 25 Lbs

1 Scoop

25 ? 50 Lbs

2 Scoops

51 ? 100 Lbs

3 Scoops

100+ Lbs

4 Scoops

As a preventative to Urinary Tract infections, give twice per day for two weeks. Reduce to twice per week after the initial two weeks for maintenance.

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